Transportation Tax-And-Spend Quote Of The Day

Our Quote of the Day comes from one person from two sources, citing two movies, on one topic. One, and old school release. The other, social media, where we're finding more and more of our QODs. In a news release from Delegate Ben Cline (R-24, Rockbridge), co-chairman of the General Assembly's Conservative Caucus, regarding the House-Senate tax-increase-and-spend transportation plan:

In an attempt to cobble together enough new tax revenue to satisfy the demands of Senate Democrats, this has become a Frankenstein’s monster for Virginia taxpayers.

Furthermore, he tweeted this yesterday:

Here's hoping members of the Conservative Caucus stick together as the formidable bloc they can be, keeping in mind that nothing good comes from haste — and that do no harm is a creed not only for doctors. Lawmakers do well to heed it too.