Florida Planned Parenthood Lobbyist Says Baby Born Alive May Still Be Aborted!

There are no words to describe it. One can't imagine how it is possible for Planned Parenthood to sink below its previous depths, but it always manages to find a way. (Remember this? Abortion gift certificates for Christmas presents?) Now, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist testified to a Florida House committee last week that if a baby was born alive after a botched abortion, it was up to the parents and the doctor to decide whether it lived. She also objected to life saving equipment required to be immediately accessed and for the abortionist to bear the expense of transporting the baby to a hospital. Her reasoning? In rural communities, it could be expensive to transport a baby to a hospital that might be far away. Beyond sad.

Horror. Shocking. Abominable. Disgusting. Inhuman. Grisly. Ghastly. Think of a hundred more and none of them, individually or in sum, can describe how sick that is. As a registered lobbyist in Virginia, I have seen a lot! But nothing like this. I hope I never do see anything remotely cold or, or, or . . . excuse me. I can't think of the word. I don't think there is one.

Even the legislators where appalled and didn't quite know what to say. Many had a difficult time even phrasing questions. They were that stunned.

Covering its tracks, Planned Parenthood later backtracked from this lobbyist's testimony. But what does it say that she thought she could express, what most certainly is the prevailing thought at Planned Parenthood, and could get away with it? The transcript and more information is here, at National Right To Life's web site.