Floyd Corkins, The Terrorist You Never Heard Of

It's a name you are probably not familiar with at all. He isn't someone that the media talked about much. There haven't been in-depth news specials about him. Even during the recent terror attack in Boston, where the media talked about just about every other terror attack on American soil, I don't think he was mentioned. But he's a rather interesting person of history. He is, after all, the first person to be convicted of domestic terrorism in Washington, D.C., under post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws. You would think his crime would be known.

Perhaps the reason the media doesn't like to talk about it is his target — The Family Research Council — and his motive, hate for people who believe in traditional marriage. Or perhaps it's the simple fact that not enough people were killed or injured to merit news coverage. Of course, the only reason for that is a man who in a moment became a hero, Leo Johnson, the security guard at FRC:

Maybe, since the Southern Poverty Law Center is a go-to organization for many in the media, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the link between that organization's bigotry and an attack on FRC would be suppressed. Unfortunately, this is the culture we live in today.  If the attack doesn't fit the media narrative, it is simply ignored or underreported. And organization's that may have contributed to the violence continue to be promoted by the same media.

After all, like Chris Matthews said of the Boston bombers, motive doesn't really matter anyway, right?