Our Message Vs. Their Message

It's no wonder Americans' attitudes toward abortion are changing. As a recent nationwide poll revealed, 53 percent of Americans oppose 99 percent of all abortions (see LifeNews.com). As the abortion industry and its radicalized supporters become more and more shrill and turn from persuasion to intimidation as their lies are found out, and as more and more states enact pro-life legislation, the contrast in messages is clear: Pro-life = love and caring for the most vulnerable among us. Pro-abortion = destruction, anger, vanity and selfishness. Could that be why they are terribly afraid of women seeing a simple video? Here's a classic example of the pro-life message. Someone needs to rerun this 30-year-old series, or create a new version of it:

Who's afraid of a short video? Life IS a beautiful choice! Now that the abortion lobby's misinformation has run its course and been found out, it has nothing to offer but vitriol. 

The ads may be old, but they are timeless. It summarizes the difference between the two visions. One affirms a culture of life and joy. The other, a culture of death and misery. Who can defend that? No one. The other side can't engage on the issue or the vision its ideology entails. So it resorts to attack and denigration. It's not very appealing. But, by definition, it's arguments cannot be appealing.  Life: What a beautiful choice, indeed. Even when we must endure the insults and hardships of the culture of death, Life is always worth it.