President Obama: “Thank You Planned Parenthood And God Bless You.”

Earlier today, President Barack Obama spoke at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser and ended his speech with, "Thank you Planned Parenthood and God bless you.” (See video above.) I was repulsed.

In stark contrast, less than 24 hours prior, Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation, gave the keynote address at a Pregnancy Resource Center. In light of the president's remarks, the words of her address came to mind as I reeled at the audacity of the president's closing. Allow me to share a portion of her speech as you ponder the president's remarks:

Infants are made in the womb, like no other being, a little less than the angels, and they are made in the womb by God and crowned with glory and majesty [Psalm 8:5]. In other words, their supreme place in creation under God is so profound, even at the stage of being infants, that when they open their mouths to cry or coo or babble as a human being, they are bearing witness to their unspeakable dignity in creation and therefore to the majesty of God's name — their Creator — in all the earth . . . and we wonder why abortion is divisive? We wonder why this issue is perhaps the most profound of our day? We wonder why those who advocate for abortion as a right and dismiss the humanity of the womb do so with such vigor?

Killing God's creation in the womb is attacking the majesty of God in the universe . . . John Piper puts it succinctly: "You cannot worship and glorify the majesty of God while treating His supreme creation — humanity — with contempt."

My friends, this isn't about rights. This isn't about the ability of women to have control over their bodies. This isn't even about the rights of the unborn to live. It isn't about us. This is about the majesty and the glorification of God the Father!  Every birth glorifies God. Every decision to deny birth denies God glory.

There are few things in life I am more confident of than this: contrary to what the president alludes, God does not bless the mission of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America. How do I know this? Like Victoria said, it's not a pro-life, pro-abortion reason. It's a God reason. God desires for His character to be revealed. He desires for His glory and His majesty to be displayed over all the earth so that His creation might worship Him. And His majesty is not displayed in the destruction of innocent human life.

When man worships a god (not God) that blesses the destruction of life, we cannot be surprised when we see the depravity the false worship exudes into culture. The satirical poem by Steve Turner titled Creed states it well:

If chance be the father of all flesh,
Disaster is his rainbow in the sky.
And when you hear "State of Emergency,"
"Sniper Kills Ten," "Troops on Rampage,"
"Youths Go Looting," "Bomb Blasts School,"
It is but the sound of man worshiping his maker.

As we reflect on the president's closing at the Planned Parenthood Gala, let us worship and glorify the Maker. To Him belongs all honor and majesty.