The Moral Superiority Of Capitalism: Daniel Hannan Debunks The "Occupy" Movement

Hearing about Margaret Thatcher's passing this morning got me thinking about this era's great British leader, Daniel Hannan, who is a Conservative Party Member to the European Parliament. I haven't heard much from him lately. You may remember how he burst on the international scene almost exactly four years ago with this dramatic and exquisite dressing down of then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his socialist policies that nearly bankrupted the UK. The video went viral and inspired conservatives the world over. Hannan became an instant hero and frequent guest on American media outlets and had a successful book tour here. As it turns out, MEP Hannan is as active as ever, and last January took on American socialist Cornell West at the Oxford Union in a debate about capitalism and the so-called "occupy" movement (see Anne Sorock at Actually, it's difficult to call something a movement that can't even find where it's going; Apparently, the protesters in London got lost on the way to the London Stock Exchange. Hannan was his usual, refreshing self: humorous, direct, minced no words while using apt and timeless parables, and spoke with a passionate combination of commonsense and detail. In short, he outlines the moral superiority of capitalism while debunking the prevailing notions in the media, pop culture and academia that somehow socialism is "fair."

Much like the Florida legislators who couldn't believe they had to ask a Planned Parenthood lobbyist such a rudimentary moral question concerning saving a life, Hannan finds it absurd that capitalism's ability to provide the greatest measure of prosperity to the greatest number of people is in dispute, as well as the incredulous notion that the bank bailouts the "occupy" movement protested were capitalist measures! In fact, the left, in its critique of the bailouts, was criticizing its own practice of state intervention — but, as is its tactic, ascribed the failed policy to its free market opponents for political gain.

Daniel Hannan: The thinker and orator of our times, eloquently debunking the so-called "occupy" movement.

The one aspect of free market capitalism that inexplicably escapes its advocacy by conservatives is its moral superiority to any other economic system. This is perhaps the single most important facet in educating people about capitalism. It's inherent freedom, instinctive provisions for every need, and ability to foster the innovation that enriches not only the inventor, but the user as well, is unparalleled. Daniel Hannan may be one of the few prominent voices currently extolling these virtues internationally (and we need many more). But its is one strong, powerful and effective voice at that . . . unparalleled in its own way.