Virginia Abortion Center Employee Talks Of Her Center’s Inspection

Vicki Yeroian is an employee of A Capital Women's Health Clinic, an abortion center in Richmond. In February, during the General Assembly session, she testified at a meeting of the Senate Education and Health Committee and provided fascinating answers to questions from Senator Tom Garrett (R-22, Louisa) regarding the deficiencies found by the Virginia Department of Health's recent inspection of her employer's abortion center. Please watch the three minute video below as Ms. Yeroian "pleads" for her job and attempts to brush off the harrowing results of the inspections findings.


This denial has been the typical response of the abortion industry to the discovery of dozens of health and safety violations by public health officials at Virginia abortion centers. Despite the clear evidence that the abortion industry does not take patient safety seriously, despite the evidence of blood splattered equipment and patient beds, unsterilized equipment, unsanitary conditions, untrained staff and more, the industry continues to claim it's "safe."

The pattern of disregard for women's health was just revealed again in March when the owner of two Virginia abortion centers, the notorious Dr. Steven Brigham, had three of his abortion centers closed by public health officials in Maryland for violations of health and safety standards. The owner of A Capital Women's Clinic has had multiple abortion centers she owns in other states shut down because of health violations. Yet the industry and its apologists in the legislature and media continue to ignore or deny the need for health and safety standards.

After you watch the video you will see why gaining the abortion center safety standards last week from the Board of Health was so important. For those who could attend the meeting, Ms. Yeroian's testimony was no unlike those who spoke during the public comment period during the Board of Health meeting. You will see why we could no longer allow abortion centers to "self-regulate." Left to their own devices, abortion centers will continue to maximize profit and minimize health and safety as we documented here with yet more discovery last week from a Freedom of Information Request on the most recent round of health department inspections.

We had a huge victory last week. But the thanks go to everyone who submitted comments online to the Board of Health, to those who attended the recent public hearings in Richmond and Alexandria, and those who attended the Board of Health meetings last September and last week. Because of your actions, proponents of the abortion center standards outnumbered opponents at both public comment meetings and were at least as many, if not more, at the Board's meetings! We thank you for your commitment and willingness to stand publicly for life.