Cuccinelli Campaign: McAuliffe's Program Is "A Show About Nothing"

You can tell when summer begins. No, not the Memorial Day weekend's picnics, fireworks, a long weekend (or longer) trip to the beach, graduations, festivals — not even an autoswitch-like activation to Virginia's notorious heat and humidity. None of that. It's when candidates trot out themes from classic television, movies, commercials, music and other entertainment to caricature their opponents. This week's installment comes from Republican Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign. In order to break through the media noise (or make news during a slow cycle) or perhaps to grab voters' awareness when they are paying more attention to picnics, beach trips, graduations and festivals, it has diverted its approach to draw the public's scrutiny to Democrat Terry McAuliffe's lack of substantive policy proposals. From a release distributed today by Cuccinelli press secretary Anna Nix:

The Cuccinelli For Governor Campaign today uncovered brand new, top-secret video of senior McAuliffe campaign officials deliberating campaign strategy. The never-before seen video can be seen in its entirety here:

“After weeks of scratching our heads attempting to understand why Terry McAuliffe has been unwilling to discuss anything of substance or announce actual policy proposals, we finally got some clarity today,” said Chris LaCivita, Senior Strategist for the Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign. “Ken Cuccinelli has been busy traveling the state, talking about his economic plan that will ease tax burdens on families and job creators and his comprehensive energy plan for capitalizing on all of Virginia's resources. Instead of accepting Ken's debate challenge or laying out detailed policies of his own, McAuliffe appears content to run a campaign about nothing.”

Ah, yes. The famous Seinfeld "show about nothing" episode. It won't be long be long before the two campaigns take to the airwaves, digital media and who knows what else to make more serious charges and counter charges. Then we'll know it's fall.