Something About Roanoke

Two years ago during the debate over abortion center health and safety standards, I did a brief radio interview on WVTF, the Roanoke NPR station.  A few days later I went onto their website to read and listen to the story.  I was somewhat surprised that in the written transcript of the story which appeared on the WTVF site, a Roanoke abortion center director Jill Abbey said: “When we have had emergencies, we simply, we’ve certainly been able to have the patients transported on a stretcher without any difficulty.”

Now, up to that point, the abortion industry and its apologists had pretty much assured everyone that the abortion centers were perfectly safe, abortion was safer than putting a band-aide on a cut and everyone who wanted some basic health standards were crazy misogynists (and that was before the “War on Women”!)  Emergencies?  Never.

After I told a couple of people in the office about the story, someone said, “You should get a screen shot of that story.”  A bit of an over reaction, right?  I mean, NPR, it’s so…reputable.  They wouldn’t…

Yet, when I went back to the page just a little while later, guess what?  That particular quote had been removed from the written story.  (Luckily, I did download the audio, which you can listen to here.)

I bring that story up because, apparently, there’s something in the water in Roanoke that makes abortion apologists delete stuff from public view that challenges their narrative.  This time, a constituent let us know late last week that he had asked Senator John Edwards (D-21, Roanoke) on the Senator’s Facebook page about the abortion center inspection reports that showed multiple violations of health and safety standards.  Guess what?  A little while later the constituent went back to find that his comment had been deleted and he could no longer post to the Senator’s Facebook page!

Now, we’ve known for some time that the abortion industry, its apologists and the media in Virginia have no interest in sharing with the general public the facts about what’s happening inside Virginia’s abortion centers.  One Roanoke abortion center was found to have several health and safety violations and had violated the Commonwealth’s popular parental consent law several times.  I dare you to search the Roanoke Times website for a story about it.

Senator Edwards, like the rest of his liberal colleagues, simply doesn’t have an answer for the nearly 300 health and safety violations found in Virginia’s 20 abortion centers; everything from bloody equipment and patient tables, to multiple instances of unsterilized equipment, expired or mishandled drugs and on and on.  They seem to think that by deleting stuff from the Internet it will all just go away.

I think that’s what the abortion industry and elected officials did concerning Kermit Gosnell for years.  But deleting the information didn’t make that horrible truth go away.  And it won’t go away in Virginia either.