Son Of Gosnell: LeRoy Carhart, Continued

Late last month, I wrote about LeRoy Carhart, a Maryland abortionist, and one of the few in the country who practices late-term abortion. Recently, in part four of its "Inhuman" undercover investigative video campaign, got Carhart on video admitting to the most disturbing things. (For more information about the Carhart and "Inhuman" series, including a fact sheet, news releases, press notes, letters to officials and more, click here.) He explains the abortion process to the undercover "patient," explaining the injection he gives to her to kill the baby and the 2-3 day waiting period before the "meat in the crock pot" is ready to come out, just as if she was "giving birth." If it fails? He's got all sort of neat gizmos to cut it up, though he can't completely guarantee a part of two might not get left behind in the womb. He's pretty proud of his actions, too, and has the nerve to tell the woman how uncomplicated the entire procedure is while at the same time telling her about the pack he'll give her in case the dead baby comes out while she bides her time between appointments at the nearby hotel. He even tells her that if she needs help, to call him — not 911. In fact, that's exactly why he's being investigated right now — a real patient died and he was nowhere to be found.

But his nonchalant destruction of human life isn't enough. He doubles the horror by wreaking havoc on his "patient's" mind, telling her, among many things, that abortion is no big deal; that while having a baby provides mental disturbances, aborting one will make her stronger. The only woman to have had an abortion who developed any subsequent depression, he incredibly claims, is a woman who, after her abortion, went home, saw her one-year-old, and became sad because she didn't abort her, too. 

This should not only disturb any woman considering abortion, but anyone who thinks having one is no big deal. It should wake up those who are lukewarm to the issue. Carhart, and there are several more across the country, is every bit as heinous as Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist on trial now in Philadelphia.

Leroy Carhart: Every bit as dangerous as Kermit Gosnell.