Where Adoption Is Politicized

Leave it to the ACLU and Equality Virginia to politicize an issue that should be about what's actually best for children. Today, Governor McDonnell launched "Virginia Adopts," an initiative to promote adoption and foster care with the coal of finding 1000 families for children who need placement in permanent families. Joining him at the ceremony was former first lady Anne Holton, wife of Democrat U.S. Senator Tim Kaine.

But of course, the ACLU and EV are not happy with the idea of finding moms and dads for 1,000 children. They have to turn it into a political issue, attacking the program because Virginia law (and the state Constitution) prohibits same-sex couples from adopting (homosexual individuals can adopt in Virginia). Instead of recognizing the right of kids to have both a mother and father, the ACLU and EV focus instead on the personal desire of a handful of adults and turn what should be an area of agreement and a completely non-partisan issue into just another political dispute (oh, and fundraiser no doubt).

And, of course, the Richmond Times-Dispatch is more than happy to help.

It is unfortunate that some in our Commonwealth are so bent on getting their own way that they are willing to take a positive, child centered, family focused initiative and attempt to trivialize and politicize it. There is a word for it — selfish.