Caught On Tape: IRS Agent Attempts To Restrain Religious Freedom Of Pro-Life Group

The Texas-based, non-profit organization Pro-Life Revolution received its tax-exempt status from the IRS last week. That sounds fine until you understand it applied for it two-and-a-half years ago. Along the way, the IRS put up several road blocks, one of which was dramatically revealed Monday in an audio recording of an IRS agent trying to discourage Pro-Life Revolution President Ania Joseph from continuing the process (to put it mildly), and telling her if it does continue the process it would have to alter its mission, beliefs and speech, all through a deceptive and factually wrong citation of the law. Throughout the "conversation" — which actually is a diatribe by IRS Exempt Organization Specialist Sherry Wan — Ms. Joseph tries to respond but is either cut off, or never allowed in, by the non-stop Ms. Wan. Hear it for yourself, below (and see John Jalsevac at for more).

Four months after, Pro-Life Revolution initially applied for its tax-exempt status in January 2011, the IRS sent it a letter

requesting "more information" and an explanation of how the organization's activities are educational or charitable, even though IRS rules specify that an organization need only operate for “one or more” of the three exempt purposes. Ania Joseph nonetheless replied and answered the IRS’s questions.

To further complicate its application process, this past February the IRS requested still more information from Pro-Life Revolution

in another letter and attempted to apply a standard for tax exemption to Pro-Life Revolution that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held to be unconstitutional in 1980. Alliance Defending Freedom pointed this out in a letter responding to the IRS, which finally granted tax-exempt status to the organization in a letter received Thursday.

While the IRS scandal has become common knowledge, the revelation of its tactics still are coming to light. The annoying, deceptive, persistence of Ms. Wan, most likely, is on the mild side of the the IRS' arsenal of liberty squelching weapons. As more are revealed, it will be interesting to see if they in turn will expose those who approved them.