"Defy, Not Comply," May Be Catching On: The Death Czar And The Valedictorian

Republican Lt. Governor candidate E.W. Jackson is fond of saying we should "Defy, not comply," with the overwhelming mandates and regulations coming from Washington that are seizing more and more control of our state, communities and lives. The message may be getting out beyond Virginia's borders. Two dramatic events within the latest news cycle are Exhibits A and B. First is the case of a 10-year-old girl who needs a lung transplant. While children her age typically do not take lungs of donors older than 12, her doctor said she was able to accept it. However, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius ruled the girl ineligible (see Cheryl K. Chumley at the Washington Times, here). The family did not idle meekly. Instead, they went to court a judge ordered Sebelius to revoke her prohibition.

Why does the HHS secretary have this authority to begin with? Doesn't the Left believe health decisions are best left between patients and doctors and that the government should not interfere with these private matters?

There was a lot of clamor during the Obamacare debate about whether or not the then-bill-now-law established "death panels." Sarah Palin, among others, was ridiculed by those who had to pass the bill so they would know what was in it as not knowing what was in it. They said she as making up scare tactics. Whether the HHS secretary had this authority before or after Obamacare is beside the point. The point is that the government should never be able to prohibit a life-saving procedure.

We may not have death panels, although Sebelius certainly thinks she's a Death Czar. But an undeterred family and a courageous judge defied, did not comply, and justice has been done.



Then there's the case of of Roy Costner IV, of Pickens County, S.C., the Liberty High School Class of 2013 valedictorian. He had to submit his graduation address to school administrators for approval because of legal threats by the ACLU and atheists groups, who supposedly believe in the protection of free speech, but instead want any and all references to God purged from society. In this case, they promised a lawsuit if a prayer was said during the commencement (see Bobby Eberle at GOPUSA.com). Accordingly, the adults at the school and central office cowered and complied.

Young Mr. Costner, however, had none of it. He would not comply. He deified by ripping apart the censor-approved speech and instead recited the Lord's Prayer. This video captures the emotional moment at the now immortalized graduation exercise:

Two examples then: The Death Czar and The Valedictorian. One applied the full might of the authority of the federal government but was rebuffed by the love of parents desperate to save their child. The other showed maturity and courage beyond his years and lead where his adult mentors would not dare.