From The Tolerance File (Or, A Modern "Liberal" Education)

Here's one demonstrating the lovable, tolerant, cute and cuddly, let's-all-get-along left. It's all a great example of a modern "liberal" indoctrination education. As with everything else, the left is in the process of redefining America and its traditions and values. Apparently, what used to be known as a liberal education — a broad mix of humanities including art, science, history, literature, foreign languages and the like — has become more like a MoveOn or an Occupy ideology boot camp with all the charm of Soviet-era apparatchik minders offering the "lectures."

Take, for example, the case of Dr. Linda Brunton, who teaches psychology at Columbia State Community College in Tennessee. She, according to students in her class . . .

ordered them to wear ribbons supporting gay rights and said those who believed in the traditional definition of marriage are just "uneducated bigots" who "attack homosexuals with hate," according to a legal firm representing several of the students in the class (see Todd Starnes at

According to Travis Barham, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, a public interest law firm that defends religious liberty rights, she directed her students to wear "Rainbow Coalition" ribbons for an entire day and express their support for the homosexual community. They also had to write a paper about the discrimination they encountered because of their support for homosexual conduct. When students objected because of their religious beliefs, Dr. Brunton refused to alter the assignment and forced them to adhere to it. When asked if they could at least write opposing points of view in the paper, she dismissively refused the request as "throwing Bible verses" at her.

The professor, as it turns out, is a member of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Educators Network and lists diversity issues among her professional interests. Diversity, apparently, in everything, but thought and opinion. Tolerant, you see, as long as you agree with her and demonize anyone with whom she disagrees.

According to Barham, the ADF attorney:

When students objected to how she was pushing her personal views on the class, she explained that it is her job "to educate the ignorant and uneducated elements of society," that oppose this movement's demands and to correct their "hateful and close-minded" views.

The Constitution does not allow any government official to force another person to adopt or advocate a particular moral or political view. But this professor did just that with this assignment and thus clearly violated freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

Perhaps, Providentially, the chairman of the Tennessee Senate's Higher Education Committee is a Columbia State alumnus. He has asked for a meeting with the college's president and expects at least a serious reprimand if the charges are proven true, and perhaps termination. Then sit back . . . and wait for the charges and vilification of the students, the senator and ADF for . . . intolerance and "right wing" interference in education.