McAuliffe: Homosexual Rights First, Jobs And Economy Later

Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe has claimed that, as governor, he will work hard to make Virginia "the best state to raise a family." But making this announcement in the form of a YouTube video created to be a celebration of "gay" pride month suggests that McAuliffe would accomplish just the opposite. (Funny that even he doesn't call it "gay" in the video's title.) In the two minute video posted earlier this month, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee came out as a strong supporter of same-sex marriage by stating that he believed that every Virginian should be able marry whomever he or she chooses. As governor, he would make it a priority to "protect the advancements made by the 'LGBT' community and make sure Virginia's doors are open for all."

However, the gubernatorial candidate appeared to distance himself from the issue and sounded more like he did during his losing 2009 campaign for the Democrat nomination when he said he would not seek to overturn Virginia's Marriage Amendment and that Democrats needed to get over it, saying this late last week:

[LGBT rights] are not an issue that I'm going spend my time focusing on . . . the constitution is not going to change in my term. I'm going to focus on issues I can make a difference on — jobs, economic development, Medicaid expansion. ...”

Ironically, the day after, Equality Virginia announced that it would endorse McAuliffe. It understands that one statement made on the campaign trail does not change what McAuliffe will focus on if elected governor. The record shows that McAuliffe's vision for the best place to raise a family is clearly very different from that of those who support traditional marriage.

McAuliffe already has promised the homosexual rights community that his first act as governor will have nothing to do with job creation or economic development, but it will be to put religious liberty at stake by signing an executive order granting homosexual behavior special protections.

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will announce two decisions regarding same-sex marriage. Whatever it decides, there's little doubt that Terry McAuliffe will spend a lot of time and energy working to undermine the best economic engine in society — traditional marriage.


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