Poof! All Gone . . . .

The tragedies of abortion often are told, usually in very tangible, sad and horrific terms: The mental affects on the mother, the physical affects on the mother, and the grotesque dismemberment and destruction of an innocent, helpless human being. Less discussed, perhaps because it is unquantifiable, is the what-might-have-been, the lost potential of that life — its worth to others, its contributions to society . . . the joy it would bring to many family, friends and even the strangers it would encounter while doing unto others. Indeed, it's inherent love. No one can quantify that. Who would want to? Isn't that a given? It should be.

Here's a video from Alliance For Life Ministries that captures the lifetime love lost, Poof! in an instant, the pain compounded by the nonchalance of the abortionist. Is that the redeeming, compassionate attitude the other side really thinks captures human nature or our natural instincts?

In an instant . . . so much gone that never was, will be or even had a chance.