Should The State Raise Your Children?

Should the state raise your children? Increasingly, we know, that is the objective of the secular left. It prefers state involvement in raising your children ("It Takes A Village") imparting a collectivist, moral relativism system of values to children through public education, whitewashing any semblance of traditional and time-tested Judeo-Christian values. We see it in how our history is taught, the undermining of Foundational Principles, the teaching of contrived "rights," the indoctrination that Christianity offends, and the redefinition of institutions. Tomorrow, the Family Research Council will host another in its Family Policy Lecture Series at noon and it's online, free. Click here for registration details. If you cannot watch live, be sure to check back at a later time as many of these lectures are archived. Just as with the "How The Wes Really Lost God" lecture we recommended a few weeks ago, we encourage the viewing of this and the spreading of it around through your social media networks. Arming ourselves with knowledge and educating others is the only long-term method to change the culture, our society and, eventually, public policy. The Internet is a great tool to equalize the disparity between the conservative, Christian point of view and the entire realm of Mainstream Media assets that afforded to the secular left. But it doesn't help unless people participate and promulgate these opportunities.

This particular lecture focuses on a case that has caught  international attention of homeschool advocates. It involves the Romeike family of Germany, who were granted asylum by a U.S. judge because of the persecution they experienced for homeschooling their children in Germany, including police intervention. However, U.S. government bureaucrats have denied the Romeike's request for asylum and they are awaiting the results of their appeal.

According to Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council:

Many who homeschool wish to teach their children that God is engaged in everyday life. For them, the school is an extension of the home. Schools should serve parents in the education of children. However, when state-run schools begin to serve a wholly secular agenda and deny parents the ability to train their children, they begin to do what the First Amendment says the state must never do: Establish religion.

Two legal experts — Michael Donnelly, director of international affairs and as staff attorney at the Home School Legal Defense Association; and Daniel Blomberg, legal counsel for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty — will discuss the implications of this case affecting not just homeschoolers but friends of religious liberty everywhere. See more about the issue here, in an article by Donnelly.