Sue To Cover Up

The Falls Church Healthcare Center has a lot of reasons not to want public health officials inspecting its abortion center. In initial inspections last year, inspections that were announced so the owners had time to clean up, the facility had some of the worst deficiencies of any abortion center in the state — and that's saying something. Blood was found on equipment, on patient exam tables, on walls; sponges used to wipe up blood were simply washed under water and reused, drugs were expired, and on and on. All this after the abortion industry said it was safe.

This week, the Falls Church abortion center filed a legal challenge (see AP article) to prevent public health officials from inspecting its facility and holding it accountable to common sense health and safety standards, such as sterilized medical equipment and adequately trained staff.

In the coming days, you'll continue to hear — unchallenged by the media — that abortion center health and safety standards will eliminate "access" to "health care." You will be told that the Falls Church abortion center "passed inspection" and received its license, so how could things be bad? The truth is that the initial inspection report uncovered an abortion center that was not anything near a facility that you would want anyone you care about to visit, and only after two follow up inspections did the facility clean up its act — at least for now. Without the ability for public health officials to continue to hold this abortion center and others like it accountable to decent health standards there is no doubt it will go back to its old practices of failing to sterilize equipment, using bloody equipment and hiring untrained staff.

Oh, and please don't be fooled when the media calls these facilities "women’s health centers." They are in the business of abortion, plain and simple.

Let's face it: the abortion industry and its apologists will not stop at one legal challenge. After recent months where the true colors of the abortion industry were revealed through the horror of the Gosnell trial, the closing of abortion centers in multiple states — including our neighbors Delaware and Maryland — because of horrific conditions (including some revealed by former Planned Parenthood employees who could no longer work under such conditions), the industry is losing credibility with the American people every day — except with the media and abortion-driven politicians who crave abortion industry campaign cash.

This week's announcement of a legal challenge comes as no surprise. Going to court to reverse the act of a duly elected legislature is a staple of the secular left. Perhaps it is beginning to worry that it won't see an elected governor, lieutenant governor or attorney general, let alone a legislature, that will work to repeal abortion center safety standards anytime soon. Consequently, it hopes a legal challenge will accomplish its goal.

For the sake of women in Virginia, let's pray that common sense and reason prevail, and that the abortion center health and safety standards will be upheld to protect women from an abortion industry far more driven by profit than health care.