What’s Up Doc, Liberal Style?

Liberals in Virginia are up in arms today over Governor Bob McDonnell's signature on a bill that forces doctors to . . . Oh wait, no they aren't. Never mind.

For over a year one of the secular left's narratives on abortion center safety standards and the ultrasound bill has been to bash politicians for "getting in between the doctor-patient" relationship. At a public hearing in Alexandria in March, Senator Barbara Favola (D-51, Arlington) lamented that such interference was a violation of all that Thomas Jefferson stood for in shaping the Commonwealth. Yeah, she really did. The doctor-patient relationship is sacred liberals claim, and no one without a medical degree should be involved, least of all elected officials.

Except, apparently, when the medical procedure in question isn't abortion.

What Senator Favola (and the majority of Democrats in the General Assembly) seems to have conveniently forgotten is that she supported the Lyme disease bill this year that, you guessed it, puts the government right in the ole doctor's office and forces doctors to tell patients that Lyme disease tests are not always accurate. (TFF took no position on the Lyme disease bill.)

So next time you hear liberals hysterically attacking those dastardly politicians for interfering with the sacred medical profession, just remember that they're talking about themselves.