Breaking News: Governor McDonnell Announces Total Repayment Of Money, Apologizes For "Embarrassment"

Governor Bob McDonnell released this statement within the last few minutes, under the subject line of "Important Statement from Gov. McDonnell," regarding the various financial gifts and loans he, his family and his family business have received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams:

Statement of Governor Robert McDonnell

Governor McDonnell announced today that loans made to his wife and small family business by Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams have been repaid in full.

Being Governor of Virginia is the highest honor of my 37 years in public service. I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment certain members of my family and I brought upon my beloved Virginia and her citizens. I want you to know that I broke no laws and that I am committed to regaining your sacred trust and confidence. I hope today's action is another step toward that end. Virginia has never been stronger and I plan to focus on creating even more jobs and facilitating greater opportunity during the last five months of my term as your Governor. Our work together on education, transportation, pension reform, voting rights, and economic expansion has produced great results for Virginia.

The repayments include $52,278.17 for a loan made to Mrs. McDonnell in 2011 and $71,837.00 for two additional loans made to the small real estate business owned jointly by the Governor and his sister in 2012. The payments include both principal and interest.

All monies used for repayment have come from the Governor, the family business itself, or his family.

An addendum to the statement from "the Bob McDonnell Team" reemphasized two points in the statement and added a third:

1. (He) has returned (with interest) the loans from Jonnie Williams;

2. (He) has apologized for the situation; and,

3. (He) stands by the Troy Report issued last Friday that stated unequivocally that neither Jonnie Williams nor Star Scientific received any benefit.

Update (at 3:00):

The "team," as it turns out, is Gov.McDonnell's legal team, not his political organization or his administration. Here's an article just posted by the Richmond Times-Disatch with more details.