Cuccinelli Vs. McAuliffe: Round 1 (Full Debate Video)

Upon accepting the Republican Party of Virginia's nomination for governor at its May 18 convention, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli promptly challenged Democrat Terry McAuliffe to a series of 15 debates across the commonwealth. McAuliffe didn't then, nor will he, bite on that. He probably won't he accept a revised Cuccinnelli offer of eight. However, there will be three or four and the first took place last Saturday at The Homestead in Hot Springs as part of the Virginia Bar Association convention. Ironically, the Mainstream Media, which cries for discussion of the issues rather than negative television advertising, offered negligible live broadcasting of it. It's as if the media, like McAuliffe, has something to hide (or hide for him); thus, the less it lets the voting public see of him speak unscripted, the better. Fortunately, PBS NewsHour video taped it and, through the magic of the new media, it is available to all via YouTube and the several blogs, web sites and social media sites that have shared it. We're doing our part to offer Virginians the opportunity to view both candidates and make an informed decision for this most critical of elections. We encourage you to spread this video to as many people as possible to increase its viewership and the public's sources for decision making.

Watch and decide for yourself without the Mainstream Media filter.

There was plenty of media coverage after the debate, with the standard filters and typical spin that are standard operating procedure with the Mainstream Media.But her are a few worth perusing, with the last two perhaps drawing some non-conventioanl conclusions and insights.

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