"Hail Satan!" These People Are NOT Militants

Abortion-on-demand supporters in Austin, Texas yesterday surrounded pro-life advocates who were singing Amazing Grace, and chanted "Hail Satan!" The commotion erupted as a special session of the legislature convened to consider legislation that would ban abortion after 20 weeks as well as institute abortion center safety standards. Hear it for yourself (the video lasts only 35 seconds):

Satanic verses.

A great report by Ed Morrissey  at HotAir.com documents the action and even Mainstream Media's astonishment at the abortion-on- demand supporters' antics. The point that is gaining traction online, among the public at large, and, even some among some in the Mainstream Media, is that these "Hail Satan!" abortion-on-demand protesters is not that they are extreme militants. It is that they are the mainstream of pro-abortion supporters — not only in conservative deep red Texas, but "purple" Virginia and across America.