Make "Fourth Trimester Abortions" Legal? Some College Students Say, "Yes"!

It's difficult to determine which is sadder: The lack of basic math and cognitive skills by college students or their willingness to sign a petition legalizing "fourth trimester abortion." But that's what we have, courtesy of Dan Joseph and out friends at MRCTV. Joseph went to an undisclosed college campus with a clipboard full of fake petitions demanding an end to the 50 state ban on "fourth trimester abortions." Using the typical pro-abortion cliches as his 10-second pitch to passers-by, several people, frighteningly, signed it. Some even asked if it would hurt the baby and, when Joseph basically replied, "who cares?" signed anyway. To their credit, some were on to him and recognized the test. One signee proudly proclaimed her work for Planned Parenthood and another that she just had a baby.

So shocking is this cavalier attitude among many of our young, that this video has made the rounds in the media, including the Fox News Channel morning show Fox & Friends. It's a blatant face slap to recognize how college students are indoctrinated by the campus culture, including the classroom. How sadly indicative of what is being "taught" at such expense at our nation's colleges and universities — clueless in basic math and unable to recognize the incongruity of "tri" and "fourth."

Fortunately, polling data indicates that young people are driving the surge in the new pro-life majority. Still, it's sad that any number of any group of people are so hoodwinked into a false belief that they are willing to sign such an absurd petition. It shows how extreme the rank-and-file pro-abortion crowd has become — that not even "4th trimester abortions" faze them: All abortion, all the time, for any reason, at any cost. 

All signed up: Students who believe "fourth trimester abortion" should be legal.