Mob Rule

Hyperbole reigns in American political discourse. Everything is a "war," everyone is an "extremist," and labels abound. But watching the coverage of what has taken place in the Texas legislature recently over pro-life legislation, the only word to describe those protesting these bills is "militant." Yesterday, according to the Washington Post, "In some cases, bill opponents marched in circles around anti-abortion activists." Imagine, just for a moment, the roles reversed. The media and secular left hysteria and outrage over such "intimidation" would be deafening. The abortion industry is constantly attacking the "intimidation" of pro-lifers who simply pray outside of abortion centers. Instead, the Post reports, "There were no arrests or violent incidents reported." Good to know.

Other media outlets, including, also reported that, while pro-life protesters quietly sang Amazing Grace, some abortion protestors chanted "Hail Satan."

The scenes from Texas bring back memories of the hysteria we saw in Virginia just last year when the secular left and abortion industry violated the law during protests in Richmond, and the media celebrated their "courage." The vulgarity of the chants, correspondence to legislators and complete lack of dignity shown by pro-abortion protestors proved successful, though, in that it intimidated some elected officials into backing down. So, we shouldn't be surprised when those kinds of tactics are used again elsewhere, to an even greater extreme. To them, the ends justify the means.

The good news coming out of what's happening in Texas, however, is that elected officials there are not backing down. They are, in fact, moving forward with comprehensive pro-life legislation that has the support of a majority of Texans. Also, despite the hero worship we've seen in the media for Texas Senator Wendy Davis, the reality is that the abortion industry and its apologists, such as Davis, are using mob rule to defend and advance the taking of unborn life in the second and third trimester is revealing that industry for what it is — and it disgusts most reasonable Americans. One protestor's sign summed up the true agenda of the abortion industry:

Free Abortion On Demand – Without Apology.

The old lie of "safe, legal and rare" has been replaced by the reality of "any time, any place, for any reason."

The "Hail Satan!" mob demands abortion anytime, any place and for any reason.

We're still waiting for someone, anyone, in the Virginia media to ask the Democrat candidates for statewide office — Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam and Mark Herring — about their "extreme" positions on supporting abortion on demand even in the second and third trimester. Or if they support Planned Parenthood's position that, even after birth, the choice of saving a baby who failed to die during an abortion is a decision "between a woman and her doctor." Or about their opposition to safety standards that will prevent a Kermit Gosnell situation in Virginia.

Intimidation by the left is a growing phenomenon. From last year's attacks on Chick-Fil-A over the definition of marriage to the Texas protestors using a mob to stop a legislature from taking action, we're learning that winning on logic and argumentation is not in the left's playbook, because it doesn't have logic and argumentation on its side. What they have is fear.

As we celebrate the founding of our nation tomorrow, and remember the courage of those who paved the way for our freedom, we hope you will reflect on what our responsibilities are in the face of this growing militarism on the left. We promise you this:

The Family Foundation will never, ever be intimidated into silence! We will speak truth to a culture that might reject it. We will speak truth to elected officials, some of whom may be intimidated by the left. We will challenge pastors to reject the safety of full pews at the expense of truth to boldly challenge the cultural zeitgeist. We will do so with as much grace as possible. We reject the mob rule mentality of the left, but we will not back down.

The Founders pledged their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to defend our liberty. What do you pledge?