The Mainstream Media's Invisible Bias

Conservatives, Christians and pro-lifers alike are accustomed to slanted news coverage, both in how the Mainstream Media covers them and their issues as well as what they don't report. Omitting and ignoring news (remember Gosnell in Philadelphia and abortion center safety violations in Virginia or the "Hail Satan!" pro-abortion activists in Texas?) is just as biased as misreporting news. But the media's bias also has an invisible side. Ironically, it isn't from editors and producers. Rather, it's from the managers and "businessmen" responsible for making money for the publication or station. As it turns out, they aren't friends of conservatives, either; not even objective profit and loss types. For example, three major newspapers recently rejected this pro-life ad, saying the image of the baby is “too controversial.” I guess killing it is run-of-the-mill-not-newsworthy, though. No wonder the MSM is fast becoming an unviable business. H/T to the Young Conservatives.

This ad is "too controversial" for three major papers to run. Surely, they accept pro-abortion ads, though.