The Next Stop On The Obamacare Express

There are many things to keep in mind regarding the recent Obamacare developments. A few of them are that if a president can delay implementation of parts of it, can a future president delay all of it — or, was President Obama's delay of the employer mandate last week an unconstitutional grab of legislative power? That is, if Congress enacted a law, must not Congress also act to repeal it or otherwise change it? The practical matter of it all is that the president does not want to seek Congressional approval of any type of repeal or delay because it risks admission of failure and a full appeal. The law is a disaster on every front: economically, it's causing the loss of jobs because of uncertainty, higher taxes, mountains of regulations and deepening the national debt; medically, by discouraging the best minds to enter medicine, as applications to medical schools continue to decline and doctors retire early while millions become covered despite a net loss of physicians; and, perhaps, constitutionally, as it limits our liberty, infringes on our rights and consolidates control of people in government rather than the control of government by free people.

Today, in a House committee meeting, far left wing Democrat Jim McDermott (D-Washington) scolded Republicans for attempting to reign in aspects of Obamacare, such as the hiring of 16,000 IRS agents to enforce it, saying Congress needed "to go slow" to see what will work and what won't. Why didn't he take his own advice when ramming the bill through Congress three years ago? Perhaps it was that breakneck pace that's brought the law to its latest stop.

The nation is headed toward a train wreck in more ways than one that no seems able to stop thanks to Obamacare. (H/T The Young Conservatives and Garry Varvel.)