Truth Is Better Than Fiction

Recently, the radical pro-abortion group NARAL "Pro-Choice" Virginia released a "report" alleging that Virginia's pregnancy resource centers were doing things that might actually cause a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to choose life. Some in the media ate up the propaganda with unquestioning eagerness. Too many reporters didn't question the new report even though NARAL's vicious attacks on pregnancy centers are nothing new, and an earlier "investigative report" by NARAL of PRCs was full of inaccuracies, logical flaws and misinformation. In 2010, NARAL and its friends at Planned Parenthood had legislation introduced to regulate PRCs based on NARAL’s report of PRCs. The legislation was patroned by senator and current candidate for lieutenant governor Ralph Northam (D-6, Norfolk), an ardent abortion supporter. At the time, the Senate was controlled by Democrats and the Senate Education and Health committee was dominated 10-5 by abortion supporters. The bill itself went to Senator Northam's own subcommittee. But after nearly two hours of testimony, some by PRC directors, staff and clients, NARAL's report was exposed by the truth and proven to be so flawed, inaccurate and misleading that Dr. Northam asked that his own legislation be defeated! In fact, that same year both the House of Delegates and Senate passed commending resolutions for the work of PRCs!

But now the media and the abortion industry have joined together again and expect Virginians to believe their latest propaganda.

Once again, however, the abortion industry attacks on PRCs are flawed and amount to nothing more than media-assisted smear campaigns against the positive, life-affirming work of PRCs. The flaws in the latest report include incomplete data, based almost entirely on phone calls and a hand full of in-person visits, and did not include recordings of the conversations, but were based on what those doing the investigating "best remembered."

The report suffers from serious bias. The abortion industry continues to attack PRCs, and anyone who happens to be pro-life, for disseminating what it labels "medically inaccurate information." Of course, NARAL would have you believe that it is the arbiter of all truth when it comes to what is "medically accurate," when in fact it often denies scientifically-proven and peer-reviewed research.

The truth is the abortion industry is desperate. The realities of what is actually happening inside its abortion centers, the bloody and unsterilized equipment, the untrained staff, the lack of oversight, to the point of abortion centers being closed by public health officials in multiple states, is changing the public's perception of the abortion industry. More and more women are making the choice — their choice! — to go to a PRC instead of an abortion center, and it's costing the abortion industry profit. That is the motivation for this NARAL report.

Virginias PRCs offer women a choice. They offer women a different path than abortion, through compassionate support. Our commonwealth should be celebrating the work of PRCs.