Facts About Planned Parenthood, Part 2: The Human Cost

From our friends at Susan B. Anthony List: The second in a series of images that illustrate the brutality that is Planned Parenthood. Forget the billions it earns while it still receives taxpayer funding (see Part 1). Just look at these appalling figures. Money is one thing but it tends to obfuscate the human cost. It also exposes the lies of this nefarious abortion industry conglomerate. While it says it makes adoption referrals, the numbers don't lie — one referral for every 145 abortions. "Reluctant" doesn't even come close to describing the abortion behemoth's effort to provide "choice."  In fact, 90 percent of women who walk into a Planned Parenthood abortion center, walk out having had an abortion.    60049_10151497636561370_1584639177_n

Planned Parenthood: Not much of a "choice" when you walk in, little chance of a life when you walk out.