Facts About Planned Parenthood, Part 3: Liberal Logic

Planned Parenthood and the secular left in general, would have us believe it's perfectly fine for young girls to have access to morning after abortion pills — without their parents' permission, of course. Yet, if a girl has a headache, call on the battalion of lawyers to get the appropriate permissions for her to get an aspirin from the school nurse. No hypocrisy there. Of course, such an obvious, blatant double standard doesn't rate nearly enough for the Mainstream Media, activist judges, politicians of both parties and others who influence the culture and our laws and public policy to make the commonsense changes that would bering consistency to our laws.

Thanks to our friends at The Young Conservatives, however, we have a humorous take that exposes a liberal dogma not through a contrast to a just policy — of course they'll ignore that, there's no way to logical reply at hand — but to another one of its own absurdities run amok:

Liberal Logic from our friends at the Young Cons! Via www.Facebook.com/PositivelyRepublican - Become a fan today!
Quick, call the parents! She's drinking a soda. Wait, then they'll have to sign off on the pill, too.
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