Facts About Planned Parenthood, Part 5: It's A Matter Of Time

Planned Parenthood is the world's largest abortion provider. That's saying a lot — a whole lot — especially considering China's one child policy and government forced abortions to limit its population growth. It's an incredible accomplishment in the most literal, absolute sense. The U.S. doesn't beat China at much these days, but leave it to Planned Parenthood to put an American face on this  very sad, vulgar activity — 333,964 times in 2011, to be precise. There hardly seems enough time to reach such an astronomical number. But time, nor life, is any matter for Planned Parenthood. The image below, courtesy of our friends from Susan B. Anthony List, contains some astonishing statistics that more people need to know. Please share this, our fifth and last, and the other four "Facts About Planned Parenthood" statistic images we've posted recently. We will continue to inform you about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry with other graphics, charts, images, commentaries, links to articles, statistics, studies from independent organizations and government sources, videos and other forms of information. But we think these boxes are neat, concise, attention grabbing devices that convey the importance and urgency of ending abortion. Expect more from here on out and please spread the message. The more the public learns about the abortion industry, the sooner the day will come when the clock runs out on it.


It's a matter of time: Planned Parenthood ends a life every minute and a half. 

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