Humorous Video: To Be Young And To Think Obamacare Is The Answer

A hat tip to Steve Forbes, who brought this video to my attention today via Twitter, and to Matt Cover, of, who posted it there. It is a delightfully humorous video by Crossroads GPS entitled, "Propaganda," and it parodies the modern hipsters whose undying blind support of "His Coolness" Barack Obama has wrought so many disastrous policies upon our nation. In this case, Obamacare. What makes the video delightful is that it demonstrates how the young voters were hoodwinked by his promises and enthralled with the cult of his personality that they engaged in a massive group think, eschewing all forms of discernment. Then it shows the irony of the youth, whose mammoth turnout and lopsided support put him into office, getting the rawest deal under Obamacare, while the president allows the people he demagogued in his two campaigns ("the rich"), which the young unquestionably believed, skate — he's exempted Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government. Now, the job creators (small businesses), whom the president also lambasted, are so hamstrung by Obamacare that they are not able to hire the same young people who elected him.

All young foolishly think they have the answers. Almost all of the time they don't. It's a natural segment of life during the journey into adulthood. The difference between now and previous generations is that a bad vote wasn't that consequential and that the young understood their mistake and didn't repeat it the next time. Can't say that, now.

Obamacare: Hurting most those who put Obama into office — the young.