(Out Of Control) Federal Government: What's Bad For The Animals Is GOOD For The Humans

The federal government, in its mammoth bureaucracy, literally doesn't know what either one of its hands is doing. That's being kind because the only other explanation is blatant do-good liberal hypocrisy. Here's a made-for-Ripley's case in point about the utter mismanagement of the federal government's sensational growth and how it is dismantling the initiative of Americans, a characteristic that set our country apart from others and drew people here from oppressed and stagnant lands. The federal food stamp program, administered by the Department of Agriculture — note that I do not use the word "funded" because we taxpayers fund it, not the "government" — is proud to distribute this year the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever . . .  to 48 million people. After all, it's easy to "administer" (i.e., redistribute and waste the wealth) when it's not your money.

Explains Cheryl K. Chumley at The Washington Times:

For every job the White House claims to have created — 7.2 million now — two more Americans were added to the nation’s food stamp program, federal statistics reveal.

In January of 2009, more than 32 million Americans received help from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which doles out food stamps. In April 2013, that number grew to almost 48 million. That means almost 16 million more American have jumped on the food stamp bandwagon since President Obama took office in 2008, Breitbart reported.

Meanwhile, the White House most recently claimed the creation of 7.2 million jobs, Breitbart reported.

Do the math: The ratio of food stamp recipients to job creation under Mr. Obama since 2008 is 2-to-1.

But the Obama administration not only doesn't care, it's down right proud. So proud, it's undertaking a $41.3 million advertising campaign, a six-fold increase over the last decade, according to Caroline May at The Daily Caller. (Also administered, but not funded, by the administration. So no worries there, either.) The campaign encourages people to sign up and live it up. It's more spending by the government to lure people to suck up yet more government spending to create a demand for ever more government spending.

But it's even more disturbing that that because it's not only about wasteful government spending which, as distasteful as it is, can always be corrected. What's really horrifying is that the government is luring people into dependency. Go ahead, get some food stamps. They're actually these neat debit card like things. No stigma anymore. Come and get your free food! This doesn't even count the numerous free food programs at schools and even public parks during summer vacation! Get hooked and forget about industry, initiative, individual improvement. The government will take care of you for life and the money is free and there's no end to it!

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the Department of the Interior, has a different view. Apparently, what's good for the humans is not good for the animals. It tells patrons of our national parks, "Please Do Not Feed the Animals" because  it's afraid the animals "will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves."

From the Grand Canyon National Park's web site:

All wildlife in Grand Canyon National Park is protected by federal law. Most people know that hunting and trapping are not allowed in national parks, yet many people may not realize that approaching or feeding animals is also prohibited. These actions are against park regulations because they are harmful to animals. When you approach too closely to wildlife, you may cause them stress and interfere with behaviors necessary for their survival. 

Animals that are fed by people become dependent on human food, and may lose their natural fear of humans and their ability to forage for natural foods. There is a lot of truth to the saying, "a fed animal is a dead animal." (Emphasis added.)

While what it warns about is true, it's astonishing that the federal government doesn't know how silly it looks telling the truth about the facts of life and the costs of tamping down animal instincts, but traps people into the same destructive behavior which eventually erases human productivity and survival instincts. Actually, under this administration, it probably does know. It just doesn't care. After all, it's not their money. It's ours.

Begging rock squirrel in front of "don't feed squirrel" sign

Don't feed the begging rock squirrel along the Canyon Rim Trail because it will become dependent . . .

but, please, do dole out hundreds of billions of dollars creating an underclass of citizens.