All You Need To Know About Medicaid Expansion In Virginia

The possibility of Medicaid expansion in Virginia, as part of Obamacare, may be a hotter issue than the gubernatorial campaign as the General Assembly "Supercommittee" in charge of deciding the commonwealth's policy on the matter has held meetings throughout the summer. The two candidates for governor recently have taken opposite positions. Republican Ken Cuccinelli said he will block Obamacare in Virginia while Democrat Terry McAuliffe has threatened an unprecedented state government shutdown if Medicaid expansion is not included in a budget sent to him. Expanding Medicaid in Virginia is filled with all types of train wreck consequences (as its main U.S. Senate author has admitted), both of the intentional and unintentional variety. Mainly, however, it simply will bust Virginia's budget as Medicaid now, ramrodding itself through Virginia's cash, continues to grow without the expansion — and without needed reforms — chewing up about a third of Virginia's budget, denying needed money in other areas of state responsibility and core services (transportation, anyone,without a tax increase?).

The deal the feds are offering sure sounds enticing — "free federal money" for two years to pay for more, unreformed Medicaid . . . but . . . after that, states, you're on your own. The General Assembly may try to strike a deal with the feds for reforms first. We'll see. But as for expansion, here's a great video from our friends at Americans For Prosperity Virginia that explains it all (in addition to the links above from my previous posts) and you can even more good information at Virginians For Quality Healthcare.

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia: A poor solution.