McAuliffe: Saying Nothing, Hiding A Lot

We're used to politicians giving answers of many words which say nothing. But at least they pretend to give an answer. Give them points for effort — at trying to sneak one by without providing substance that will commit them to anything or offend anyone. But rare is the pol who provides nothing — that's nothing, as in nada, not one thing for an answer to a reporter's question, especially a relatively simple one.. Rarer still is the pol's PR hacks who can't even fashion some rubbish reply when the questions were submitted in writing — as these questions were. Refreshingly, a nearly unique occurrence also happened: A member of the Mainstream Media called out the liberal politician.

Watch this candid bit of reporting on extreme liberal Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (h/t to our friend Norman Leahy at

 Answers that made no sense are no surprise given that McAuliffe knows nothing about Virginia government.

Unfortunately for T-Mac, saying nothing is saying a lot. It says that he's trying to hide his lack of any hint of knowledge of any issue regarding Virginia public policy. Come to think of it, T-Mac doesn't say anything in his television ads, either, except the obligatory disclaimer, leaving it for an anonymous announcer to smear his opponent, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Now, get T-Mac to talk about what it takes to raises hundreds of millions of dollars from leftwing special interests, ensuring that abortion on demand is a "right" or about those fun and sun international excursions with Bill Clinton, and I suppose you couldn't get him to stop.


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