McAuliffe's Latest Gaffe: Gives Weather Report When Asked About Abortion (Video)

Given Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's unabashed, unrelenting and unprecedented millions-of-dollars television barrage mischaracterizing Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli's record and policy positions, it seems a bit hypocritical that McAuliffe won't answer for himself when asked about his own positions. Recently, when a reporter asked him if he supported taxpayer funded abortions, T-Mac did his best Usain Bolt impression — darting for his car — and gave a brief weather report (see video below from America Rising). But is it surprising? He has ducked answering anything of substance, refused debates and run relentless television and Internet ads devoid of anything positive, instead running a slash and burn campaign of gross negativism. Given his lack of experience in Virginia, much less in policy work — his political career has been as a shakedown artist mega liberal fundraiser — it's no wonder he won't about speak issues. He's failed miserably the few times he's tried recently:

» He basically told the Northern Virginia Technology Council he didn't know their issues and would not read bills as governor, but would hire someone to do that for him (Washington Post);

» He couldn't name the Virginia cabinet departments (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot);

» He made up an executive power found nowhere in Virginia law (Washington Times) to undermine Virginia's new abortion center safety standards; and

» He indicated he would shut down Virginia government for the first time in history (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star) if the General Assembly didn’t include a bankrupting expansion of Medicaid in the budget it sent him, which would do harm to police, fire, transportation and education.

Watch this short video:

Notice at the end of the video when McAuliffe's aid tells the reporter to call the office for his answer. It's not the first time the McAuliffe campaign has resorted to the "call the office" option. We got more of the same the last time it happened — answers to a question that wasn't asked. See this anchor's stunning comment on McAuliffe is this short video:

How can T-Mac govern when he can't even speak?


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