T-Mac's Personal War On Women: Makes Woman Supporter Yawn Into Submission

This has nothing to do with winning by yawning them to death, although it certainly is a different twist on that tale — leftwing candidates boring their supporters into submission. But now that this post about Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's threat to undermine the new abortion center safety standards has gone viral via Breitbart, Drudge, The Fairfax Free Citizen, LifeSieNews and several others (see the first five links here and the first link here in our NewsClips feature), it got me to watch the video over again. What I didn't realize last week, because once T-Mac's bravado concluded I didn't need to hear the rest of the chit chat, was that the woman he was addressing apologized for yawning during his speech! Caught off guard, McAuliffe nervously laughs and goes into his patented schmooze.

Boring speeches on issues of which he's ill-informed — T-Mac's very own war on women. It may also be a preview of his strategy in tonight's debate with Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli — bore us into turning it off so that we don't see his lack of understanding of state government and issues pertaining to Virginia's families. We shall see.

Exciting times at a McAuliffe event. Woman supporter admits she yawned through his speech.

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