The Right To LIFE, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Before one can have liberty or property or happiness, he or she must have life. It is the greatest of all civil and human rights. It is astonishing that anyone, whether liberal and especially the in vogue hipster self-styled libertarians, doesn't realize this. The greatest rights violations in America and in many countries is that unborn humans — innocent human life, life that can exist outside the womb, human flesh and blood — continues to be slaughtered by the millions. Instead of protecting the right of human life to be born, many politicians are more concerned about perceived rights violations, such as having to produce a picture ID to vote or confusing the "right" to associate with the privilege of marriage (ironically, while trying to deny Christians and others the right to associate with like-minded people in campus organizations, for example). If one cannot have liberty without life, forget about happiness.

Photo: Doesn't sound right, does it?

Life: It's the first right for a reason. (H/T to National Pro-Life Alliance.)

I had a conversation with a neighbor recently who told me she believes in the "right" to abortion despite her Catholic upbringing. She (in another irony, her name is Joie) told me she knows the unborn are humans but because so many abortions are by women in poverty, she "didn't want to pay for them." If they are born, she said, they're going to live a miserable life anyway. After explaining what a fallacy that is, that just as many middle to to upper middle class to wealthy women have abortions, I asked her what percentage of children living in poverty (or adults for that matter) would prefer to have been aborted. Silence. I said it would be probably be the only 100 percent poll ever taken.

After all, there is no right of opportunity escape poverty, as so many famous people have, without life. No life, no wealthy life. There's no liberty in death, either, much less happiness. Ever met a person who is happy to die? Life is the first right for a reason. It's about time we set people straight on that.