Will You Really Be Able To Keep Your Child? How Obamacare Policy Is Affecting The Governor's Campaign

More and more, that is becoming a real concern for parents under Obamacare. Playing off President Barack Obama's famous 2009 speech to the American Medical Association, where he said Americans, under Obamacare, would be able to keep their doctors, something less and less clear now that the bill is law, Virginians For Quality Healthcare has produced this video that puts into focus many of the questions Americans have about Obamacare with a touching example about a mother and her daughter's medical care.

Along the same theme, our friends at Americans for Prosperity produced this video documenting a mother's concerns about choosing the medical care for her son after their real life medical problem.  If you're not sure how Obamacare may affect your ability to select the proper medical care for you or your children — and who does know for sure? — then try out this survey at AFP's new  Obamacare Risk Factors web site to see how you will be affected under the law. The results may just shock you into action.

This Obamacare issue has implications in this fall's statewide elections. One candidate for governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, has pledged his full support for Obamacare and its full implementation in Virginia, including an unprecedented state government shut down if Medicaid expansion isn't included in a budget sent to him for his signature. Either way, it would reduce Virginia's ability to provide core services to its citizens. If the budget busting Medicaid expansion is approved, the expense, already at a third of Virginia's budget, will crowd out money for education, transportation and police and fire protection. If McAuliffe shut down the government, there'd be very limited services at all, for a while. Ironically, McAuliffe is defending a law he previously said didn't go far enough in the way of government taking over the medical system, as he favored the single payer government pays all system.

Meanwhile, Republican Ken Cuccinelli has promised to block Obamacare's implementation in Virginia and favors a market-based approach to creating quality healthcare, not government bureaucrats deciding how to treat your children.

It would be funny except that too many people believe it, but the concocted, phony "war on women" that conservatives supposedly are engaged in is no war at all. The real war is the Left's war on women and children — with the battle fronts being our medical care and medical professionals, as well as our fiscal security, education, police and fire protection, the every day issues that women find most important, because they affect their children and their future. (Not to mention McAulife's intention to weaken abortion center safety standards to begin with.)