Democrat Ticket Runs Smear Campaign, But GOP Seen As "Mean" . . . Cue Twilight Zone Theme

With unprecedented millions coming in from out of state left-wing groups and billionaires plowed into a non-stop, constant onslaught of vicious television attack ads, Terry McAuliffe has outdone any of the mischief he engineered for the Clintons as Bill's money man and Hillary's campaign chairman; more than any reputation he ruined directing Democrat campaigns as the DNC chairman; and even more than he's ever done in so many of his unethical business practices. Now his protege, Ralph Northam, the Democrat candidate for lieutenant governor is following in his lead. But unlike T-Mac, who at least dodges questions and avoids saying anything for fear of his unserious candidacy being found out, Northam actually brags about being brutish. Celebrating a huge influx of cash from the Democrat National Committee and other sources to put his negativity on the air across VIrginia, he telegraphed his upcoming television blitzkrieg with this comment:

Next week is going to be the worst week of E.W. Jackson's life.

Classy! Just what we like from our left wing friends. Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media has soured much of the public into labeling the Republicans as the party of mean. Go figure . . . .the whole world is turned upside down . . . I can hear the Twilight Zone music now.

Photo: We knew it was going to get nasty, but Northam declaring that next week would be "the worst week" of my life goes too far. Ethics in government starts by electing ethical people, and rejecting the politics of personal destruction. Help fight back with a contribution of just $5 today!

If you have nothing to say about yourself . . .

But would the state's troopers, police, deputies and first responders, who belong to the Fraternal Order of Police, back someone as bad as Northam is making him out to be? Not likely. Both candidates had to be interviewed by the organization and the brave professionals who are entrusted with the duty to protect us don't suffer fools gladly. They don't suffer them at all. They're conclusion, at the same time Northam was giddy about his impending destruction of a man's reputation, was to endorse his Republican opponent, E.W. Jackson.

Photo: I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police. It's humbling to have the support of so many who sacrifice so much to keep Virginia safe and I look forward to being their champion as Lieutenant Governor.

While Northam brags about destroying Jackson't reputation, the state's law enforcement community saw things in a much more serious light and endorsed the Republican.


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