Expand Your Influence

If you attended our Annual Gala two weeks ago, we hope hope you were encouraged and inspired by our speakers to step up your personal efforts to impact our culture. If you were not in attendance we hope you will heed the same call: Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Pastor Mark Marrow all encouraged us to make a difference by getting involved. As I quoted Dietrich Bonheoffer in my remarks:

I'm asking you to lock arms with us and, "Make up your mind and come out into the tempest of the living."

There are several ways in which you can do so and allow us to help expand your influence and that of our shared values in your community in the next few weeks and beyond:

» Distribute our 2013 Voter Guides in your church, Tea Party organization, home school cooperative or wherever conservatives gather. These guides tell where candidates for the upcoming election stand on issues such as life, marriage and religious liberty. They are also a great reminder to vote on November 5th. These are sent out at no charge across the state. To get a bundle to distribute, click here

» Come to Richmond for the opening day of the General Assembly session on January 8. We are planning a prayer walk on the capitol grounds to bless our legislators and ask for God's wisdom for them for the 2014 General Assembly session as well as a Rally for Life that day. Click here for more information or to register.

» Plan to participate in our 60 Days of Strategic Prayer during the 2014 General Assembly session. We are looking for pastors, churches, prayer ministry groups as well as individuals who will each take a day to come to the capitol during the 60-day session to pray for our elected officials.

 » As soon as the election is over, contact your delegate and senator and let them know your desires for the upcoming General Assembly session. Right now they are probably busy with the upcoming election and once they get to Richmond in January, they are bombarded with lobbyists and others demanding their time and attention. The months of November and December are a great time to introduce yourself to them and begin to build a relationship. A personal Thanksgiving or Christmas card with a handwritten message will always get their attention. To find out who your legislators are, click here and then click the "Who’s My Legislator" bar at the top. Be aware, this might change after the election, so be sure to know who your representatives are.

Commit to expanding your influence and affecting public policy in Virginia.