If I'm Not Human, What Am I?

I think the good folks at LiveAction.org must read this blog. A day after I wrote that science, to the discontent of the Secular Left, long ago proved that the being inside a pregnant woman is a human (and not a frog, for example), the pro-life organization posted the image below on its Facebook page. The question, similar to the one I posed ("Is it a frog?") cuts to the core of the conversation, a conversation the Secular Left would rather not have, thus its strawman arguments, demonization of pro-lifers and vulgar protests. But, unless women can give birth to plants or animals, it is a human inside them. If it is a human inside them, and someone destroys that human, is that not a murder? At the very least, if there is any doubt — and who can deny there's at least that? — shouldn't we as a society, as with in any other circumstance, err on the side of safety? Isn't that what the medical profession is sworn to do?

Photo: A very good question. The burden of proof should be on those who want to kill the unborn. If there is ANY doubt about what the unborn are, we should err on the side of life. That said we know from science that the unborn are 100% human beings.

What is that? A frog? Might as well be to pro-abortion supporters. (H/T LiveAction.org).