Is It A Frog?

Life is not only a right, it is the first and primary of all natural rights (see my previous post explaining the primacy of Life among natural rights). A friend of mine rhetorically framed it spot on: "What do some people think it is? A Frog?" I once met a woman through a mutual friend. As the friend is pro-life, I assumed her friend was, too. She wasn't. She believed a woman should have the right to abort her baby during the first trimester. A moment of enlightenment came to me. I asked her what characteristics magically make what is in the womb a human at 90 days that aren't there at 89? She paused and agreed with me. It's a question worth asking of self-styled libertarians and other so-called "pro-choicers."

I posed it to a man recently who is otherwise conservative but wasn't sure what he thought about abortion. I further asked if the time frame enshrined in the Roe v. Wade decision wasn't arbitrary and by seven lawyers at that. Seven men make divining creation? If it's growing, logically, as it does from day one, it must be living; if it's living, should we kill it? He also agreed, and this line of rhetorical questioning is another good way to frame the issue.

What is that in the womb? A frog? Or a human? If it's a human, should killing it be allowed?

This reasoning scares the Secular Left because the right to kill is not rational human thought. It's counter intuitive to human nature. That's also why it is so afraid of ultrasound imaging and, get this, science in general. At every General Assembly Committee or Board of Health meeting where protecting the unborn is at issue, the abortion industry and its apologists show up and tell the members to "follow the science," trying to paint pro-lifers as backward, Bible believing, flat earthers. It's a typical example of the black-is-white, strawman rhetoric of the left. We do follow the science, and the fact is, "the science" validates our believes.

As it turns out the Secular Left is even afraid of parade floats. A float promoting adoption in New Zealand was banned because its message, "Adoption saved my life," was deemed offensive (see It's a sign of either its tightening grip on the culture or its desperation that the tide is changing to protect life. What do you think?

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 Life: The first and primary right of all.