McAuliffe: The Ironies Of "Putting Jobs First" No One Mentions

My colleague Chris Freund today on this blog cites a Bearing Drift post by Brian Kirwin that comments on a Daily Press (Hampton) endorsement where it admits the facts just don't matter. The cynic wants to know why this shocks anyone. But this campaign is different in that not only are facts not registering with the media — including several conservative pundits and bloggers and many voters who should be much better informed — it's that conservatives running for office themselves seem to be ignoring opportunities to flip the conversation. The media sure ain't gonna do it, if it's aware of it to begin with. That's the point. No one seems to be aware or talking about the world-turned-upside-down, redefined campaign going on. (The LEft does redefinition well — marriage, tax increases, property rights, etc.)

A case in point is the irony of the McAuliffe campaign's slogan and its actual campaign theme, and how the public is believing the former while ignoring the facts of the latter. Mr. McAuliffe's slogan, "Putting jobs first," is rarely mentioned in his ads, which have been a non-stop, unprecedented torrent of attack on Ken Cuccinelli. Never mind that Politifact, hardly a conservative bastion, consistently rates McAuliffe's ads as false, even "pants on fire" lies — but he has the public believing that Cuccinelli is running on a radical social policy platform. I can't remember one time when Mr. Cuccinelli has mentioned the word "abortion," for example. In fact, anywhere he speaks, Cuccinelli is all about his tax cut proposal that is estimated to create 58,000 jobs.

Mr. McAuliffe? His communications almost exclusively are about social issues — as if promising abortion on demand with taxpayer dollars isn't insulting or divisive or radical — a War On Children, to be sure. It's as if he's allowed to define his opponent's positions without the scrutiny of what logically are his own positions. Are you kidding me? Who's the one running on "social issues," then?

But even more ironic than McAuliffe's pretension to have a cure for unemployment and job growth in Virginia is that the chronic crisis in unemployment — and with more and more people dropping out of the job market it is a crisis despite the media never reporting it as such, unlike the so-called crises it and the left continually contrive — was caused by the left! The main culprit being Obamacare, which McAuliffe doesn't think goes far enough!

Obamacare is hurting our economy is two key ways. First, it plain and simple it is increasing people's insurance costs, something the Left said would not happen. In fact, it was supposed to lower costs. But not only is it costing people more money, it's costing them the opportunity to make money as employers lay off employees to afford to pay for the increased costs of doing business Obamacare has saddled them with. If not losing jobs entirely, workers are being relegated to part-time status so companies won't have to pay the increased costs associated with full-time employees under Obamacare regulations. So, higher insurance and less of, or no job to pay for it — and one of its primary backers is saying he's putting jobs first? Even those who have survived the job cut or the rate hike are finding that their employers, again to survive massive new costs, are cutting their spouses from company provided health insurance plans. There's no escaping the menace of Obamacare.

But here's the kicker: Under Obamacare, individuals must have health insurance or face a penalty. If people lose it or are priced out of health insurance, they can go to the Obamacare website. The problem is, it ain't working. Guess who developed this Website? Canadians! That's right. The party that railed against outsourcing has spent 653 million taxpayer dollars on a Canadian built piece of inoperable html.

But don't worry. Terry McAuliffe will take care of everything and create thousands of jobs. Just ask his friends. Or himself. In his autobiography he wrote that being governor is the best job in the world because you can hand out government contracts to your friends. 

This, a man who's escaped more indictments than Al Capone, who has no clue about economics other than to patronize his friends with government contracts, is who independents and even numerous Republicans are gravitating to? Irony of ironies. It's not that facts truly no longer matter. They're not even on the radar screen.