More Class From Pro-Aborts

There are few legislators who have been more viciously attacked in recent years than Delegate Kathy Byron (R-22, Lynchburg), all for her strong stand for life.  The vulgarity of some of the attacks she withstood during the 2012 General Assembly session revealed for all to see the hate of many who support the abortion industry; except of course no one in the media told the story of the attacks on Kathy.  That wouldn't have fit with the "war on women" narrative. Now, as Delegate Byron defends herself in this year's election, the disgusting attacks continue.  A target of the abortion industry and all its wealth, her opponent continues to attack on just one issue - abortion - and signs like this can be found in her district:


Of course, we've come to expect nothing more from militant pro-abortion activists, spurned on by a media and political elite that fuels the fire of hate.

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