Pro-Abortion Candidates Exploit Miscarriage (Updated)

Late last week I became aware of a series of secular liberal Democrat campaign mailers that are so offensive and despicable — not to mention deceptive — for a moment I thought it couldn’t be real. Unfortunately, over the weekend, it became evident that indeed, just when I thought it wasn't possible for Democrats in Virginia to stoop any lower, they have. We’re actually running out of adjectives that could be used to describe the depth some of the liberal campaigning has stooped to in Virginia. The mailers in question actually attempt to exploit women who have suffered through miscarriage! Now any woman who has gone through the emotional and sometimes physical trauma of a miscarriage knows what a personal and private matter it is, but the Democrat Party of Virginia has now mailed thousands of Virginians a literature piece that not only attempts to take advantage of that trauma but so distorts the truth to do so it is repulsive.

To make matters even worse — if that's even possible — DPV mailed the piece into the district of Delegate Joseph Yost, whose wife recently suffered two miscarriages (see Roanoke Times).

Now, some will argue that politics is a tough business and you have to simply deal with things like this. Frankly, that’s not good enough. Are we now so callous and cynical that we accept these kinds of inhumane attacks as “business as usual”? If so it’s a sad commentary on our commonwealth. If we don’t demand better from our candidates, we won’t get better candidates.

I think most Virginians will be offended and outraged by this despicable mail piece. But it should also reveal to Virginians exactly how much power and control the abortion industry has over the Democrat party in Virginia. It’s absolute. And there is nothing they won’t do together to advance abortion anytime, anyplace, for any reason; including things as repulsive as these mailers.

Ironically, today, October 15, is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. On this day, when so many women are remembering the loss of their child in miscarriage or still birth, The Family Foundation asks you to say a prayer for the many moms and dads who have suffered the burdensome loss of an unborn child.

UPDATE: Remarkably, after even the leftist Roanoke Times editorial board chastised the miscarriage mailer to Delegate Yost's district, the Democrat Party of Virginia mailed it AGAIN!  It arrived in mailboxes today.  The famous question, "Have you no shame?" comes to mind, but in this case it would be rhetorical.  The question is, will Democrats running for office statewide distance themselves from this mailer?  Yea, that's what I thought.


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