The Bloody Half Of The Story

The media was ecstatic to report this week that an Arlington judge decided the lawsuit against Virginia's abortion center safety standards should be allowed to continue (see Washington Post). One columnist for the Richmond Times Dispatch actually chalked it up as "another legal loss" for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, even though the decision had nothing to do with regulations themselves. What none of the stories or opinion pieces mentioned, was that the abortion center bringing the suit, the Falls Church Healthcare center, had multiple health and safety violations including:

• Bloody, reused medical equipment

• Dried blood on two of two patient procedure tables

• Blood on walls and doors around procedure room

• Dried blood on four of five recovery recliners

• Improperly washed linens that could spread infection

• Contamination of pathology containers with blood from physician’s gloves

• No emergency "incident tray" in procedure room

• Failure to maintain equipment

• No policy for reporting patient deaths, no policy on infection control or for training staff on infection control

And that's just a handful of the multiple violations. Not only that, but in just the past three months — or since the suit was filed — there are new reports that on at least two occasions ambulances have been dispatched to the Falls Church Healthcare Center for medical emergencies (see!

The abortion industry will argue that the facility received it’s "license" from the state so everything must be just fine. But let’s remember that the license was given only after the facility submitted a plan to fix its many problems; problems it wouldn’t be required to fix if we didn’t have health and safety standards that require inspections. Without the inspections, the abortion center would have continued operating with the violations above, and likely even worse since the violations found came during announced inspections, where the facility actually had time to prepare! Imagine what inspectors would have found if the initial inspections hadn't been announced.

And remember that the abortion industry fought legislation that would have required only licenses, inspections and emergency equipment to be on hand in abortion centers.

Now, there is little doubt that if this was any other profit making business, the media would be sending in investigative reporters to find out what’s really happening inside these businesses and painting them as greedy capitalists bent on putting people at risk for profit. In fact, local restaurants get more scrutiny from the media than abortion centers.

But the abortion industry gets a pass.

So when you read the empty stories about the lawsuit, remember the truth about the Falls Church Healthcare Center – and all the other abortion centers in Virginia.