What Media Bias?

Brian Kirwin over at Bearing Drift found this nugget in a Daily Press editorial endorsing several candidates for the House of Delegates:

“We admire his willingness to get involved in the political process, but we cannot get behind his belief that facts and figures should take precedence over leadership and persuasion in implementing laws.”

If you’ve been wondering why the preposterous notion of a "war on women" has been trumpeted by the media, while the details (facts) of bloody equipment in abortion centers goes completely ignored, now you know why. The principle applies to a host of other issues, of course, and fits the modern political paradigm that emotional outbursts (what they call leadership and persuasion these days) takes precedence over truth (facts and figures) in everything from abortion to health care to tax policy.

I know this probably comes as no surprise, as we watch so many people make electoral decisions based on feelings and emotions instead of facts. And when the principles we believe in take more than 140 characters to explain, forget about it.

Of course, such a conclusion by the almighty editors at the Daily Press, when taken to its logical conclusion, can be used to explain away the worst leaders in human history because, after all, they were very persuasive, and didn't let little things like facts and figures get in the way.