What Really Matters

I listened to syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer discuss his new book, Things That Matter. He was asked about how important it was to have interests outside of politics. His answer:

That’s what really matters. I wanted to write a book only with my columns on stuff outside of politics, but I decided, and this I write in the introduction trying to explain why half the book is politics, is that in the end, everything that matters depends on getting the politics right. All the things elevated and sophisticated, beautiful and sublime, art, music, poetry, everything. If you get the politics wrong . . . Germany in the 30s, North Korea today . . . it wipes away everything. And that’s why I changed from being a doctor to being in political life, because I thought that history will decide if all the wonderful things will be allowed to flourish.  And its, unfortunately, politics that decides that. And politics . . . grubbing, and grasping, and cynical and all that . . . nonetheless is sovereign, ‘cause you have to get it right.

Everything that matters is outside of politics.  Everything that matters is “elevated and sophisticated, beautiful and sublime,” at the very least, in our hearts. But what allows that side of life to flourish is politics. And when the politics is wrong, devastation occurs. We cannot escape from its effects. We must stay involved with what is happening in the political realm. Some of us think that it has nothing to do with our lives. But in reality, it has everything to do with our lives, and maybe even more important, the lives of our neighbors who don’t know Christ. Politics will never be sovereign over our Lord and Savior, but it does have immense power and influence.

At the center of everything that matters is our faith. And when we cannot express our faith freely in all sectors of life because of a government infringing on our freedom, then we must step up and do something about it. And that means getting involved in the grubbing and grasping and cynical . . . the politics.