You Don't Hear This Often

Kudos to Mattress Discounters. I'm sure this isn't new . . . let's face it, commercial jingles can be kind of numbing. But the other day, after seeing one of this company's ads for the millionth time, something hit me. I reached for the remote and reran the ad. Sure enough, I heard correctly. The ad, for a new type of mattress in its stock, lists a number of things one can do on the mattress, of which was, right along with sleep, eat and read, was to "pray on it." Wow! How many enterprises encourage prayer in any way, shape of form in a commercial or in any form of communication? The video wasn't available, but here's the audio of the jingle. Pretty catchy!

Mattress Discounters encourages its customers to pray in its television commercial  jingle!