Ask This Question The Next Time Pro-Aborts Say The Government Should Stay Out Of Abortion

How many tines do we hear pro-abortion activists and the abortion industry say abortion centers and Planned Parenthood provide legitimate "women's health care" and that the government has no business being involved? (As if governments don't have a responsibility to ensure medical facilities provide safe and reliable delivery of health care. When has the Left complained about government ensuring safety requirements on any industry before?) But if the pro-abortion side is right, and the government has no business in its business, it should gladly renounce and return all government funding it receives, especially as funneled through Planned Parenthood, an organization that churns through hundreds of millions of dollars each year and hardly needs the taxpayers' assistance.

If it does receive taxpayer funding, it should be subject to the strings all government funding stipulates upon its recipients. Why should abortion centers be any different than, say, colleges that are mandated to meet guidelines for their operations that have nothing to do with the grant money they receive? The abortion industry cries that safety standards force abortions centers to close, but the Left has no concern for companies that go out of business because of regulations, whether its the coal industry via the EPA or small businesses overwhelmed by Obamacare mandates it gladly has rammed through millions of individuals, which truly have affected personal health care and decision making.

If these so-called "clinics" truly want to offer "women's health care" without safety standards, they can end abortion services, and focus solely on the check-ups, screenings, prescriptions and such they say they also provide, and not be subject to the safety standards. But as long as they perform life-threatening surgery as well as take taxpayer funding, they have no complaints.

So, from the mouths of babes, Campaign Life Coalition Youth, the youth component of the Canadian pro-life organization, comes this pointed question we encourage the asking of at every turn, in every forum, to every individual, lobbyist, legislator and policy maker alike:


This is the question that needs to be asked of the abortion industry, its apologists, politicians and the media, over and over and over again. (H/T Campaign Life Coalition Youth,)